Anís Las Cadenas

Anís Las Cadenas has been made with the same recipe since 1872. From the beginning it has received awards from the most prestigious international tasting contests. It has a great combination of different plants such as aniseed and we achieve an all-round, balanced taste with the perfect amount of sugar and alcohol. Its characteristic bottle is a model patented in 1920 by our great-grandfather.



We begin production by mixing extra fine sugar and water. Then, we add alcohol in which we have previously diluted essential oils from several different plants. The exact proportions of our recipe are only known by one person from each generation. We call it “The Secret Recipe”. After filtering and bottling our Anís Las Cadenas, we leave it to rest in the bottle for a few months.



Before opening
Avoid direct light on the bottle and subjecting it to high temperatures.

Once open
Avoid direct light on the bottle and subjecting it to high temperatures.

Anís Las Cadenas
Cómo servir

How to serve it

Traditionally, this is how anisette has been served and drunk. To fully appreciate it, it should be consumed at room temperature, providing that it ranges from 20-25 ºC. It is served in an anisette glass with a wide base.

Colloquially known as “Palomita” it is another traditional way of serving it. Ice in the anisette makes the essential oils crystallise, changing the pure transparent colour to a creamy-blue one. Logically, ice lowers the alcohol content.

In Great Britain people typically take it with ice and Coca cola. It is known as «Sweet Liquorice» as it tastes like black liquorice. Other typical ways of consuming it are with lemon or pineapple.

Awards obtained for Anís Las Cadenas