About us

We are still a family company, born and bred in Navarre. The daily hard work, the quality of our raw material, final product and services are our values, and honesty is our philosophy.

Rama Endrinas

All our processes are mechanised. At no time do we touch the liquid and the whole circuit at the distillery is carried out with stainless steel pipes.

Our production process has been certified with standard ISO 22.000.

However, what has not changed is our selection of the best raw materials. Also, neither can we nor do we wish to speed up the maceration process. Both our pacharan and our sloe Liqueur need at least 6 months macerating time. And we keep our hands off them. Nor do we tamper with our Secret Recipe for making Anís Las Cadenas, (a type of anisette). After all, why change, when we´ve been receiving awards for 147 years?

The distillery is now in the hands of the fifth generation:

Cristina Esparza

María Sagrario Esparza

Pablo Esparza

Meet the team

Llenado botellas pacharán

We belong to ADEFAN ((Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Empresa Familiar Navarra /Association for the Development of Family Businesses in Navarre) whose award we received in 2018. We also belong to the board of directors of FEBE (Federación Española de Bebidas Espirituosas/Spanish Federation of Spirits). And we received the Relevo Generacional /(Generational replacement) award from AJE (Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de Navarra/Association of Young Entrepreneurs in Navarre) in 2006.

Hijos de Pablo Esparza
Navarre distillery since 1872

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