Pacharán Basarana Etiqueta Blanca

Produced in the same way as our Pacharán Basarana Etiqueta Negra, the only difference being how the sloe behave and the tanks where they are macerated.



In the same way as Pacharán Basarana Etiqueta Negra is produced.



Before opening
Lack of total light. Light is one of the main agents for degrading the drink, speeding up the natural oxidation process and considerably reducing the life of the pacharán.
Constant temperature. Heat is another great cause of oxidation in the pacharán. Therefore, we always try to keep sources of heat out of reach.

Once open
Once the bottle has been opened, it is recommended keeping it in the fridge. This way it will keep its properties, characteristics and nuances for longer.

Pacharán Basarana Etiqueta Blanca
Cómo servir

How to serve it

Tasting it alone will let us appreciate all the aromas in the drink. Pacharán is best consumed cold (having previously refrigerated it before consumption).

This is how it is typically served in catering establishments. It is recommended consuming it cold, without ice, since it detracts from its flavour and the aroma of pacharán. If we want to lower the alcohol contents in the drink, it is best to plump for drinks such as Basarana 20, which has all the flavour of Basarana Etiqueta Negra but with less alcohol. It can be served in either a Collins glass or an anisette glass.

In terms of mixers, the most popular one is the “butane” which is made by adding orange juice or an orange soft drink (according to taste), to the pacharán. It can be served in a Collins glass with ice.