Esparza fruit liqueur

In 1989, following the market trend, and with increased demand for fruit liqueurs, we launched our Esparza fruit liqueur range, beginning with sweet apple and peach. Later, we added green apple, melon and blackberry. Although this product goes in and out of fashion, there is great demand for it in foreign markets.



We just use the best fruit juices and aromas from natural extracts to produce all our Esparza fruit liqueurs. Once we have made the mixture, we filter and bottle it in 0.7l containers. All our liqueurs are 20º proof.



As it is produced with natural fruit juices and aromas, it is recommended keeping them away from sources of heat.

Cómo servir

How to serve it

It is the way we can best appreciate the fruity nuances in the beverage. It must be served cold, but not frozen.

It also goes perfectly well with ice. In this case, the best choice is the Collins glass, which, if possible, we have cooled beforehand.

It goes well with any type of juice or soft drink, and in many places it can be drunk as a nightcap.

Awards obtained for Esparza fruit liqueur