Since 1872 choosing the best raw materials for traditional production

Historia Grupo Basarana Las Cadenas

Grupo Basarana Las Cadenas

A distillery from Navarre with a story to tell

We are a family company founded in 1872 in Falces (Navarre, Spain). In 1885, the founder, Pablo Esparza Velázquez de Carvajal moved his business and family to Villava. Since then, we have remained a family company, born and bred in Navarre. From the start we made Anís Las Cadenas and since 1972 we added Pacharán Basarana. For over a century we have evolved with the market and our customers.

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Filosofía Grupo Basarana Las Cadenas

Our philosophy

Hard work, quality and honesty

Hard work, quality and honesty. That has been the motto of the consortium, Grupo Basarana Las Cadenas since 1872. No short cuts, making every effort, transparency. From the time we choose the best raw materials up to the care we make when producing under standard ISO 22.000. From slow maceration and the rest period for our chosen sloe to our polished presentation.

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