Basarana 20 sloe liqueur

Since 1994, Grupo Basarana Las Cadenas has produced sloe liqueur with top production standards. We have made this product to combine the characteristic flavour of our pacharán with the demand our clients have for consuming drinks which are lower in alcohol.



We macerate for six months and it rests with over 250gr of our best sloe in Anisado Las Cadenas at 24º proof. Once maceration has finished, we filter it and bottle it in the exclusive square bottle for Pacharán Basarana.



Before opening
Lack of total light. Light is one of the main agents for degrading the drink, speeding up the natural oxidation process and considerably reducing the life of the sloe liqueur.
Constant temperature. Heat is another great cause of oxidation in sloe liqueur. Therefore, we always try to keep sources of heat out of reach. Otherwise, the effect will be the same as that caused by light.

Once open
Once the bottle has been opened, it is recommended keeping it in the fridge. This way it will keep its properties, characteristics and nuances for longer.

Basarana 20 sloe liqueur
Cómo servir

How to serve it

It is the best way to enjoy it and to appreciate the fruity characteristic of the beverage combined with aniseed aromas. To enjoy it at its best, it is recommended drinking it cold. To do so, we cool it for enough time in the fridge beforehand.

This is how it is typically served in catering establishments. It is recommended consuming it cold, without ice, since it detracts from its flavour and the aromas from sloe liqueur.

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