Anisado Las Cadenas 28º

Anisado Las Cadenas is produced with the same ingredients as Anís Las Cadenas. The proportions of its ingredients are meant to ensure the sloes macerate , thereby bringing out the colour, taste and aroma of the fruit in a slow, even manner.



It is made in the same way and with the same ingredients as in Anís Las Cadenas, but in different proportions. Presentation: PET.



Avoid direct light on the bottle and subjecting it to high temperatures.

Aniseed that has not been used in the season to make pacharán or sloe liqueur can be used without any problems the following year.

Anisado Las Cadenas 28º
Cómo servir

How to serve it

This product is used to make pacharán or sloe liqueur. It is not usually drunk on its own.